The Best Skin Care Tips For Women

If you really don’t have enough time for some advanced skin care, then you might as well start indulging yourself with these basic skin care tips. It is indeed for a fact that a good skin care and a healthy lifestyle can definitely help delay the effects of the natural aging process and helps prevent the emergence of various skin problems. To start with, we have 7 quick and natural skin care tips for a woman to achieve the best skin care right at her own fingertips.

Skin Care Tips

#1: Don’t Waste Money– There is actually no need to buy very expensive cleansers that are just loaded with some decorative ingredients. This is according to a reputable photo biologist by the name of Daniel B. Yarosh who happens to be the author of The New Science of a Perfect Skin. According to Dr. Yarosh, such expensive facial toner and cleanser stay on a person’s skin for only a minute. Thus, the said cleansers don’t really have time to even do anything.

Moreover, some pricey ingredients can actually just cause irritation to your skin. Because of this, it is actually recommended to just start with some inexpensive face washes like the Biore Revitalize 4-in-1 Foaming Cleanser. You could also try to use some see-through glycerine soaps just like the Neutrogena Facial Cleansing Bar soap. Both forms of washes actually remove dirt, oil, and the dead skin cells without actually stripping away your skin’s natural and indeed essential oils.

#2: Cover Your Mouth– If you are looking for both sunny and winter skin care tips, then you can actually start by actually covering your mouth. We are actually talking about lip balms with ultra violet protection and not just some ruby red lipstick in here. Try to cover your lips with this kind of lip balms. As you can see, your lips actually do have the thinnest part of the skin on your body, so they really need some extra shielding from sun and a winter fun.

A survey conducted by a reputable member of the American Society that is concerned with dermatologic surgery actually found out that only 47% of the respondents used lip protection that contains ultra violet blockers. According to Erin Welch, the person responsible for this survey actually concluded that it is indeed a bad news. We must remember that when a skin cancer originates and emanates from the lips, it is actually especially aggressive and indeed has a higher risk of actually spreading. Because of this, you must now start guarding your lips by actually stocking and applying up balms with a touch of a sunscreen.

#3: Get The Red Out– You must try to avoid the reddening of the skin. For an estimated 14 million people population in the United States with a rosacea condition, symptoms can actually be triggered by spicy foods, alcohol, exercise, and even excessive sun exposure. But there is actually a way to prevent the reddening of your skin. Researchers have actually found out that when rosacea sufferers regularly wash their faces with some sonic skin-care brush system like the Clarisonic Skincare System, their skin slowly but eventually calms down. The theory resides on the premise that the gentle exfoliation of the skin allows treatments to be absorbed more efficiently and more effectively.

#4: Go All-Natural With Natural Skin Care– If you carefully observe, you will see that there are actually more skin-care products that are claiming to be natural and organic than there are reality-TV shows and stars. If it is true that purity and environmental standards are important to you, then you must consider buying products that are originally made in Europe. Companies based overseas who are actually making some eco-friendly claims do actually trace their ingredients back to the sources to further verify their natural origins.

If you are in the United States, you can actually look for these all-natural products by just looking for the National Products Association’s all-new natural seal. Such seal certifies that 95% of the product’s ingredients are truly natural and truly pose no suspected human health risk.

#5: Use An Anti-Ager– As the saying goes, you must not wait for the first crow’s steady feet to appear before you even reach for that little tube that is definitely in here. Actually, even women in their late twenties should already be using a topical retinoid. The only thing that could actually be a valid reason to stop using it is when they are actually pregnant or even nursing. This is according to Francesca Fusco, one of the assistant clinical professors of dermatology working in the Mount Sinai School of Medicine based in the New York City.

Retinoids, which usually contain vitamin A, are actually one of the most potent means for preventing and reversing the sun damage and the signs of aging. They actually speed skin renewal by slowly shedding the dull, pore-clogging cells and gently increasing the collagen production to prevent the wrinkles.

#6: Protect Yourself From The Sun– We must not forget that one of the most important means and ways to take good care of the skin is to actually protect your skin from the harmful effects of the ultra violet rays of the sun. We must remember that a lifetime of sun exposure do actually cause wrinkles, age spots and even other skin care problems. Sun exposure can also lead to an increase in the risk of skin cancer.

To avail of the most complete form of sun protection, you may actually a sunscreen. A broad-spectrum of sunscreen with a Sun Protection Factor of at least 15 in rating can actually be used and is quite ideal. When you are outdoors, you may still reapply sunscreen every two hours. It could be more often especially if you are swimming or perspiring under the heat of the sun.

You must also seek some shade. Try avoiding the sun between 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. This is the time and schedule when the sun’s ultra violet rays and heat are strongest. If you can, wear some protective clothing. You must cover your skin with some tightly woven long-sleeved shirts, and with long pants and some wide-brimmed hats. You must also consider using some laundry additives, which actually give the clothing an additional layer of an effective ultraviolet protection for a particular number of its washings, or even for special sun-protective clothing that are specifically designed to block the ultraviolet rays.

Skin Care Tips For Men And Women

#7: Don’t Smoke– Smoking actually makes your skin look older. It even contributes to wrinkles being gown and being delivered. If you study the effects of smoking further, you will learn that it narrows the tiny blood vessels located in the outermost layers of your skin, which then decreases the blood flow. This scenario often depletes the skin of the required oxygen and required nutrients that are essential and important to your skin health and condition. Moreover, smoking actually damages the collagen and the elastin, fibers that actually give your skin strength and elasticity. To add further, some repetitive facial expressions you actually make when you do smoking, contributes to wrinkle formation and attribute.